'He revealth deep and secret things.' Daniel 2:22

All of us love secrets. We love knowing what no one else knows. We love knowing the secret, whether it's the secret ingredient or the secret password. Few things are more appealing than secrets. And that's why a book simply titled The Secret can sell millions of copies.

I think many Christians are content with a superficial knowledge of God. But there is a secret knowledge that God wants to reveal to us, but it takes a pressing into His presence via worship and prayer and fasting. And there is a price that needs to be paid. I think the price is purity of heart. If your motives are holy, to simply know God, then God will reveal deep and secret things that will forever alter the way you see everything.


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Link:Secret Things http://shar.es/AU3jd by @markbatterson Friday,January 7, 2011